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Case Studies

"KMC worked with me and my team to define and implement a completely new process to our organization. The Strategic Accounts Management process was fully implemented in Latin America representing nearly 20% of our sales revenues today. The KMC extensive knowledge and commitment to this project was critical to the success and on target implementation. The experience of working with them was enjoyable and beneficial to me due to the high caliber of their consultants."

— Joao Pontes, Director of Marketing, Deere & Company Latin America

In one of its key developing markets, a manufacturer of heavy equipment machinery saw some of its customers grow exponentially in size, geographic span and relative importance to the overall business. While the traditional dealer channel had grown along and supported these customers, it became apparent that coordination among the dealers and collaboration of support functions within the company was key to the company’s ability to offer distinctive value to these customers.

A joint KMC-client team worked with marketing, sales, finance and support function leaders to develop a customized approach to Strategic Account Management. By utilizing the momentum of ongoing organizational developments, a new group emerged within months from the existing sales organization. The team set out developing processes and tools, leading key support functions, such as Pricing, Order Fulfillment, Customer Support, Finance and Tactical Marketing in a collaborative approach.


  • Rapid organizational development: from idea to implementation in just over 6 months
  • Broad coordination, alignment, and collaboration with key internal stakeholders and functions
  • Custom tools developed with user-managers for immediate testing and implementation
  • Client achieved $100 million in additional new revenues (new customers and/or new products) in the first full year of Strategic Account Management
  • Created a win-win-win as tools and processes improved dealers’ account management capabilities
  • Mutual understanding and enhanced trust in relationships resulted in significant increase in early orders
  • With continued support from KMC, the team achieved $500 million annual revenues within two years.