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Case Studies

"The timing was very appropriate for our company to engage KMC as we faced many strategic challenges in expanding our business into a growing Global market. The methodology KMC used, and the experience of the professionals they involved in our planning process, was instrumental in the success we achieved in the development of a plan that aligned our leadership team. KMC did not abandon us after the plan, and continues to monitor our progress as we live a dynamic plan day to day. It is no doubt the best Strategic planning experience we have had in our 26 years of business."

— Terry Thompson, President & CEO, PCT Engineered Systems

The leadership team of a custom engineered systems manufacturer believed there was a significant untapped growth opportunity in their business if they could align around a focused vision and strategy while establishing execution discipline within their organization. Previous strategic planning attempts had not gained traction in the organization due to a lack of focus and alignment. Consequently, expectations and ‘belief’ in growth suffered.

KMC was engaged to help the team develop and align around a strategy to achieve the perceived growth opportunities. We worked with the organization to define the Baseline Strategy (assessing alignment between ‘Say, Do and Believe’). Using this Baseline Strategy as the foundation, we worked with leadership to define and align around their Future State and Roadmap to deploy its Growth Strategy.

The leadership team was able to “envision the true growth potential” of the company, which had previously either been misunderstood or underestimated. The company was positioned to achieve growth targets a full year ahead of newly planned schedule, with revenue growth estimates up an unprecedented +85% from previous year and a stretch goal up +136%.