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Case Studies

"During this 18-month transition, KMC played a key role in structuring and managing the overall organizational change management process."

— Christoph Wigger, VP Deere & Company Europe, CIS and Africa/Middle East

The European equipment division of a Fortune 100 multinational company had grown revenues with an organization that still reflected the autonomy of country organizations set up decades earlier. Differences in sales and marketing processes and tools and skill sets were noticeable. As the business environment became more regional in scope, the need to leverage the efficiency of a more common set of tools, skills and resources across borders became obvious. A new marketing, sales and support organization was needed to support further regional growth in an efficient manner.

The KMC team worked with regional and country leaders to analyze opportunities for regional leverage, centralization and new capabilities in a manner that ensured their alignment with and commitment to the upcoming changes that would affect their organization and personal careers. Supported by KMC and functional managers, the country managers led regional functional teams who planned for and made the required changes.

Although originally starting with a narrow scope of 'pure' marketing functions, regional leadership and country managers expanded the scope and identified headcount efficiency opportunities across the region in excess of 100 FTEs, restructured the field sales staff and assumed many formerly local or national functions at the regional level. The resources freed up by this restructuring were largely re-deployed to develop and support new competencies and future growth ambitions.