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Case Studies

“Our ability to manage input costs is a key factor in enabling our Company’s growth ambitions. To that end, we see Shared Services Organizations as one of those important enablers.

KMC helped us successfully develop the blueprint to eliminate waste, simplify work, and standardize our global approach to facilities engineering management. The result has been a new organization that is leaner and more effective in the delivery of engineering services. Metrics have pointed to tangible business results that include higher internal customer satisfaction and greater staff productivity

It is our intent is to quickly implement the identical business model in the growth regions our Company has targeted where we expect similar benefits.”

Kenneth S Dechert, Manager - Enterprise Facilities Engineering Services, Deere & Co

A Global Fortune 100 manufacturer manages a large worldwide facility base representing significant investment to the organization.  These facilities have historically been operated independently, allowing local leadership to drive operational and financial performance.  As the business environment has changed, the value of developing and implementing a new model based on sharing resources and capabilities across facilities was clear.  Reinforced by plans for new construction, renovations, modernizations, and acquisitions, the time to act was upon the organization.  From leverage of common tools and processes to ensuring consistent execution of strategic sourcing agreements, significant opportunities were identified in moving to a ‘services’ operating model.

The KMC team partnered with both corporate and division leadership to develop a strategy to achieve this new vision for facilities management.  The focus was a shift from a facility-centric approach to a business-driven model, focus on higher value-add engineering work activities among facilities staff, development of global processes and tools, dedicated services team resources to ensure discipline, and proactive strategic planning with business teams to reinforce alignment between services provider and recipient.  Our solution changed the definition of the work and manner in which it is provided to the business.

As the first of several ‘services’ team to launch within the manufacturing area, the team successfully defined, developed, and delivered a new facilities management model.  Full implementation has started across the US, Europe, and Mexico geographies with subsequent roll out in South America, India, and China to follow.  Additionally, common business processes, service offerings, and metrics have all been established and are in place.  Balancing growth requirements and other business needs, the team identified headcount efficiencies as well in selected geographic areas. The team is now delivering on its primary objectives:  Improve quality and lower operating costs for facilities services across the business, support facilities workload thru common tools and process, and focus on developing facilities engineering talent.