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Case Studies

"One of the key reasons I like to work with KMC is they do not come in to a situation with a prescribed or 'canned' answer. Rather, they first listen to key employees that will be impacted by the forthcoming changes and engage them in a collaborative manner to develop the right solution to support lasting change. This approach generates early and broad buy-in and accelerates the necessary cultural changes within the organization."

— Mark von Pentz, President, Agriculture and Turf Division, Europe/CIS/Africa/South America, Deere & Company

Top executives at a Fortune 100 corporation realized that to achieve future growth goals, their organization needed to shift their focus from product-driven to customer-driven. The organization lacked the required competencies and structure to capture, analyze, understand and articulate customer and market needs in a robust and actionable manner. Key business decisions affecting long-range investments were being made with a lack of customer insight in a highly dynamic market.

The KMC team worked with key business leaders to define the competencies necessary to become a customer-focused organization and to consistently segment their customers and develop winning value propositions that were embraced by all functions in the organization. Robust processes and associated infrastructure were developed to capture, analyze and provide customer / market based insights and guidance to the broader organization. A new Marketing Organization structure was created, founded on the newly defined customer focus competencies, and delineated from their traditional sales organization.

The new customer segmentation approach delivered immediate insights on attractive vs. less attractive customer segments. Segment-specific value propositions were developed and subsequent action plans were successfully launched resulting in market share gains and increased customer satisfaction. The first customer-based solution was developed, integrating a broad set of products and services focused on improving the end customer's profitability.