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Case Studies

"The KMC team truly teamed with us in driving solutions, both in the consulting role leveraging in-house resources and as trusted advisors. They exhibited a unique combination of subject matter expertise and change management sensitivity. Along the way they also helped establish a much improved governance structure and rhythm of review throughout the organization."

— Bob Beaird, VP Supply Chain & IT, Holly Hunt

A high-end furniture designer and manufacturer needed to improve customer satisfaction and delivery times, reduce costs, develop a supply chain capable of reliable delivery, eliminate multiple weeks of cycle time, and develop reliable methods to promise and schedule.

Working closely with the client team in a hybrid consulting/interim management role, the KMC team organized a collaborative team of supply chain personnel, sales and suppliers to identify root causes of long cycle times. The KMC team then re-organized the supply chain group, developed scheduling tools, and successfully negotiated shorter cycle times with suppliers via collaborative planning methods. A sales and operations planning team was created to rapidly identify production flow bottlenecks and accurately forecast demand while suppliers were rationalized for cost and performance improvement.


  • Production delivery cycle time reduced by 6 weeks
  • 36% improvement in delivery performance
  • 29% reduction in custom quote lead time
  • 11% reduction in quality defects
  • Reduced backlog and expedited orders
  • New scheduling and capacity management tools
  • Diversified supplier base