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Case Studies

"KMC brought in an excellent approach, constructively challenging me and my leadership team, forcing us to take a step back and look at the business more strategically.  While this brought some of us out of our comfort zones, their collaborative style promoted active engagement and alignment of my team.   They were able to quickly understand our business and help us identify the key opportunities to achieve our growth ambition.”

— President/CEO Specialty Papers Company

Our client’s leadership was challenged to rapidly grow in a difficult environment: (1) retail buying power consolidation, 2) substitute technologies and 3) low-cost import/off-shore competition.  They realized, however, that they lacked the requisite alignment, structure and focus to achieve this growth.   The leadership team and organization all needed to be on the same page to aggressively create private equity value and achieve their growth ambition.

KMC pursued a two-pronged approach to support our client’s growth ambition and align their leadership team.  Firstly, a robust strategic plan was created providing focus on which strategic activities to pursue and a process to ensure aligned execution.  Secondly, a Strategic Acquisition Prioritization Model was created to identify, objectively assess and prioritize inorganic growth opportunities in alignment with the overall strategy.

KMC led the client leadership team through an approach to align them around a significant growth target (>100% growth in 4 years) and the plan to achieve.  Core to this approach was the ‘decision making prioritization process’ to inform acquisition decisions.  This model has strategically guided and informed their leadership to pursue acquisitions aligned with their overall strategy.  Furthermore, a structured approach to align and drive 6 strategic imperatives driving competency development has been implemented to support achievement of the overall growth ambition.